About Placencia

About a hundred miles south of Belize City is the idyllic Placencia Peninsula, a skinny 16-mile long finger of land with aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea on the east side and the Mangrove-lined Placencia lagoon on the west side.

Placencia village is the very southern tip. It is a small quaint fishing village much like Key West was one hundred years ago. Home to about 500 Creole fisherman and their families, Placencia has some of the most beautiful beaches in Belize, world class diving on the barrier reef 16 miles away. Deep-sea fishing and fly fishing in unexploited waters of Southern Belize makes Placencia an angler's dream.

The Placencia Peninsula reminds visitors of the Florida Keys without all the development. Certainly Earnest Hemmingway would enjoy fishing here today if he was still with us. Being on the Placencia Peninsula is just like being on a sleepy tropical isle.

Sandy beach bars, friendly food vendors, and family owned restaurants eager to cook your fresh caught fish make this a unique experience. No one is in a hurry in Placencia.

Placencia has the unique distinction of having the world's the narrowest Main Street. It is a mile long narrow sidewalk lined with shops selling local crafts and all kinds of eating and drinking establishments.


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