Belize offers something for everybody.

There are a lot of adventures that await a visitor to Belize. Most of them a easily reached for a day trip from Placencia.

Things To Do In The Placencia Area:

  • Scuba dive on the barrier reef 16 miles offshore.
  • Snorkel and swim at numerous offshore cayes with surrounding reefs
  • Visit Laughing Bird Caye, a World Heritage Site just six miles away.
  • Enjoy a Monkey River Trip to a pristine jungle with Howler Monkeys, Jaguars, Iguana, Boas, countless species of tropical Birds, Insect Bats, and more.
  • Ocean or lagoon kayaking.
  • Deep sea fishing for a spectacular variety and quality of fish.
  • Fly-fishing the flats for ‘The Grand Slam’, Permit, Tarpon, and Bone Fish
  • Enjoy a day at a hot spring in the jungle.
  • See and swim with the migrating Whale Sharks every year between March through June. Placencia is one of the best locations along the Belizean cost to view those giants.
  • Watch the manatees in the Placencia lagoon.
  • Attend the local annual Placencia Lobsterfest every June with fishing contests, dancing in the streets, lobsters cooked in every way imaginable, and local vendors selling their arts and crafts.
  • Or simply just hang-out in a hammock on a beach where time literally stands still.


Things To Do A Short Drive From Placencia:
  • Hiking and tubing in the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve, the only Jaguar preserve in the world.
  • Spelunking in the Mayan Mountain caves which may be the largest system of caves in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Go on tubes in the rivers flowing through the caves, emerging into light, and dropping back down again. Canoeing, floating, and white water rafting in the beautiful rivers of western and Southern Belize.
  • Horseback riding through the Mountain Pine Ridge near San Ignacio to beautiful waterfalls.
  • Visiting numerous Mayan ruins, from Caracol to Lamanai to Lubaantun to Nim Li Punit to Pusilha to Tikal, which is located just over the western border of Belize in Guatemala, as well as some lesser know sites still unexplored or undiscovered.
  • Canopying, which is rappelling above the rain forest treetops from one platform via harness, ropes, and zip lines.
  • The Belize Zoo where you can seel all of Belize's wild life up close - from Tapirs to Jaguars to Gibnuts.
Simply put - Belize offers something for everybody!

Fishing From Sunset Pointe

Having fished for over forty years, I finally arrived in Belize some six years ago. The many cayes and crystal clear blue waters off the coast of Placencia were an amazing site to behold. This is one of the reasons I decided to buy Sunset Pointe Belize. Most everyone else on the peninsula have to travel many miles to get to the Pointe. But at Sunset Pointe Belize a sailboat could easily be in the Caribbean Sea in a matter of minutes, for south of the Pointe lies the main channel. I have fished in many areas of the Western Hemisphere and have found no place to compare. The most fish I have ever caught recently was off Kodiac Island, Alaska, but to get there is a tiring adventure, and the weather is atrocious. The west coast of Costa Rica has excellent fishing but the security of the government and land ownership is questionable. My hometown of St. Augustine Florida is okay, but you have to run 30 to 50 miles of ocean to even get to a decent spot and the catch is dismal. Fishing has dwindled from the time I was a boy as a fishing guide at my grandmother’s fishing camp. A good catch in the Matanzas River today would consist of a handful of average size flounders, redfish, or trout. Simply the Florida Keys and the coast of Florida appear to be fished out. The guides appear to want to take you for every dollar you have to spare. Many times a good fishing day in Florida consists of a few snappers, a couple of barracuda and a few sharks. Not only have I fished in many states and practically all over the Caribeean, I have recently fished in Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, the Yucatan and Canada, and I have found nothing like Belize.

Most every day off the banks or seawall at Sunset Pointe one should be able to catch freh snapper or grouper that will make a fine evening meal. My wife and friends have enjoyed doing this for six years.
I love bottom fishing and my last trip after leaving the Sunset Pointe dock at 7 am and returning at 1 pm consisted of many yellowtails, triggerfish, a large twenty-pound cubera snapper and thirty-one very nice size mutton snapper. We were not being greedy for we gave the fish to the locals and ate what we wanted. We could have caught 200 that day, but we do not want this to become fished out. We also do not buy bait in Belize, for sardines and other fish are readily available with cast net. Having become friends with about six shrimp boat captains, I easily can catch very large hog snapper tied up behind their boat. It is nice to come in early and enjoy the rest of the day leisurely.
Trolling often presents large Wahoo, dolphins, groupers, kings, barracuda, tuna, sailfish and marlin. My friends and I release the billfish and other fish that we will not eat. The fresh seared tuna we often eat is second to none.
If you think diving and snorkelling for lobster and fish is exciting, the clear waters around Placencia will amaze you. No wet-suit needed here, just and enthusiastic attitude.
Everybody talks about Grand Slam fly-fishing day. With a little enthusiastic effort and the proper guide, you should be able to accomplish that almost any day. I have done it and I only consider myself an amateur fly-fisherman.
There is one bad thing about fishing in Belize. You are going to spoil all your future fishing trips if they are not in Belize. Come fish with Alfred Williams, the best all-round guide in Belize for me. You will always return. What are you waiting for? Life is too short. Catch the one that got away!

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